"Charlene was patient and challenging.  I always felt listened to and that everything I said was important.  My confidence grew and I was able to make changes that I didn't think were possible."  - RC (19 year old)

"Charlene has had a great impact on me during our sessions.  Her techniques and tips are things I am using daily to organise myself.  She has supported me by helping me to see my positive attributes rather than always focussing on the negative.  Through this process I have recognised my internal dialogue and the negativity it is having over me in ways I had not yet distinguished.  Charlene has also supported me to look at my self confidence and how to move forward in a way that is encouraging and empowering.  Charlene asks the right questions, she is present and able to support in a relaxed and encouraging way.  She is a lovely human being and I am grateful our paths crossed."  

"I never felt listened to when I needed help with my daughter's behaviour.  After working with Charlene I felt empowered to ask for what I needed and became confident in setting boundaries that I stuck with.  She's a much better behaved child and she's much happier too. "  (Parent)

"I wanted to take a step further with my career but didn't know where to start.  With coaching sessions with Charlene, I was able to identify what I needed to do.  I made an action plan which I was accountable for.   I did everything on the plan and I am now working in the role I wanted."

"I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of exams coming up.  I hadn't organised my revision, I had a block.  After every session I completed the actions I agreed to do and after 4 sessions I was ready and organised."   (17 year old A Level Student)