How does coaching work?

Coaching sessions last 45 minutes to an hour for adults and up to 40 minutes for children and young people.  Group workshops vary from 2 - 3 hours.  Sessions can take place weekly or less frequently - every 3-4 weeks. I am based in West London and can offer Face to Face sessions but telephone, Skype and Zoom sessions are also available.  For children, coaching can also take place in private homes ,  educational settings or my base.  Other suitable settings will be considered.

Coaching is a non directive process in a confidential space.  It is a partnership where the goals, ideas, problems, solutions and ultimately the action comes from you. 

Through careful questioning and challenging, combined with listening, I can support you to work out the important issues and work with you to form an action plan.  

It involves:

• setting and achieving realistic goals

• working on the present and the future

• finding solutions and the strategies to succeed

I will support you to do this.  


"Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions".