Parent Coaching

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging.  It's a job that doesn't come with a job description or a rule book and at times we need a bit of help.

Parenting can at times be so overwhelming that we stop functioning.  Coaching gives you the space and time to assess your values, prioritise issues in your family and focus on the kind of parent you want to be. I will help you to break things down into manageable chunks and to identify your own answers.

Parent Coaching supports you to develop strategies that focus on solutions.  It provides skills and strategies that nurtures your personal development as a parent which in turn has a positive impact on your self-confidence and your relationship with your child.  Coaching workshops for small groups or 1:1 coaching is available.

Contact me at or on 07522 715842

'Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children'.